BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit for Kids

BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit for Kids

BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit for Kids

BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit for Kids


The BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit is designed specifically for kids and FPV beginners. This ready-to-fly kit provides a safe and enjoyable flying experience, making it the perfect gift for children.

Altitude Hold and Self-Protection Function

The Cetus Lite drone features altitude hold, which allows the drone to hover at a certain height. This, combined with the LiteRadio 1 transmitter that has two centering gimbals, makes it easy for new beginners to control the height of the quadcopter. Additionally, the drone is integrated with a 6-axis IMU sensor, ensuring flight safety. In the event of a collision, the Cetus Lite quadcopter will automatically disarm the motors, guaranteeing the safety of both the pilot and property.

Effective Protection Frame Design

Safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to children. The Cetus Lite features a propeller guard design, providing protection against injuries. The frame is made of PA12, a high-quality and durable material, ensuring that it remains strong and intact even during flight crashes. With this reliable design, users can fly the drone confidently, both indoors and outdoors.

FPV Simulator Supported

Before taking to the skies, users can learn and practice flying a quadcopter through an FPV simulator. The LiteRadio 1 transmitter supports popular FPV simulators like DRL, DCL, Uncrashed, and Liftoff. This allows beginners to gain experience and improve their skills before flying the real drone. Moreover, the LiteRadio 1 transmitter is capable of practicing and charging at the same time, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions.

VR02 FPV Goggles

The Cetus Lite FPV Kit includes VR02 FPV goggles. The quadcopter is equipped with a built-in VTX and camera, enabling users to experience first-person view flying. With the VR02 FPV goggles, users can immerse themselves in the flight and have a truly immersive flying experience. The goggles also display OSD information, allowing users to monitor the quadcopter’s flying status.

Ready to Fly

The Cetus Lite FPV drone kit comes with everything you need to start flying. The package includes the drone, transmitter, goggles, batteries, and all necessary accessories. With the user manual provided, you can quickly set up the drone and start flying. Whether you’re a new FPV beginner or looking for a safe miniature toy for children, the Cetus Lite FPV drone kit is an excellent choice.