Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy

Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy

Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy

Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy

Are you tired of predators ruining your hunting experience? Look no further than the Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy. This innovative product is designed to attract and deceive predators, giving you the upper hand in your hunting endeavors.

Features and Benefits

Realistic Decoy

The Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy is crafted to mimic the appearance and movements of real prey. Its lifelike design and realistic motion will fool even the most cunning predators, ensuring they come within range for a successful hunt.

Remote Control

With the included remote control, you can easily operate the decoy from a distance. This allows you to adjust the speed, motion, and sound of the decoy without alerting nearby predators. The remote control has a range of up to 300 yards, giving you complete control over your hunting setup.

Multiple Sounds

The PD200 offers a variety of realistic animal sounds to attract predators. From distressed prey calls to mating calls, you can choose the sound that best suits your hunting situation. The decoy also has a built-in speaker that produces high-quality audio, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Easy Setup

Setting up the PD200 is a breeze. Simply stake it into the ground, turn it on, and let it do its magic. The decoy is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport to different hunting locations. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand various weather conditions, so you can rely on it season after season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can the decoy be heard?

A: The decoy has a sound range of up to 200 yards, ensuring it can attract predators from a distance.

Q: Can the decoy be used during the day and night?

A: Yes, the PD200 is designed to be effective both during daylight and nighttime hunting sessions.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The decoy operates on 4 AA batteries, which can last up to 8 hours of continuous use.


The Icotec PD200 Electronic Predator Decoy is a game-changer for hunters looking to outsmart predators. Its realistic design, remote control functionality, and multiple sound options make it a must-have tool in your hunting arsenal. Don’t let predators ruin your hunting experience – invest in the PD200 and take control of the hunt.