Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder 250g

Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder 250g

Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder 250g

Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder 250g

Discover the natural goodness of Slippery Elm Powder from Indigo Herbs. Our high-quality supplement is carefully sourced from sustainably forested Ulmus rubra trees, ensuring its purity and effectiveness. With its soothing properties and nutrient-rich profile, Slippery Elm Powder is a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Benefits of Slippery Elm Powder

Slippery Elm Powder has been traditionally used for centuries by Native Americans in North America. It is known to be an excellent aid for digestive functions and throat health. The beneficial fibers in Slippery Elm give it a unique gel-like quality, making it a great prebiotic for gut health. Additionally, Slippery Elm Powder can also be used topically for skin health.

How to Use Slippery Elm Powder

There are various ways to incorporate Slippery Elm Powder into your daily routine. You can blend it into a smoothie or juice for a nutritious boost. Alternatively, you can mix it into your favorite foods for added health benefits. The recommended dosage is 1-4 grams of powder, up to three times a day.

Why Choose Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder

At Indigo Herbs, we prioritize quality and purity. Our Slippery Elm Powder has undergone rigorous testing for chemicals, heavy metals, and foreign bodies to ensure that you receive a premium supplement. We are proud to offer a sustainably sourced product that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our resealable food pouch ensures maximum freshness and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Slippery Elm Powder safe for daily use?
  2. Yes, Slippery Elm Powder is safe for daily use. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

  3. Can Slippery Elm Powder help with digestive issues?
  4. Yes, Slippery Elm Powder is known for its soothing effects on digestion. It can help alleviate symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, and bloating.

  5. Is Slippery Elm Powder suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
  6. Yes, our Slippery Elm Powder is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. We are committed to providing ethical and sustainable products.


In conclusion, Indigo Herbs Slippery Elm Powder is a high-quality supplement that offers numerous benefits for digestive and throat health. Its soothing properties and nutrient-rich profile make it a valuable addition to your daily routine. With its versatile usage options and our commitment to quality, you can trust Indigo Herbs to provide you with a premium product that supports your overall well-being.