Keyless Entry Door Lock: The Ultimate Solution for Home Security

Keyless Entry Door Lock: The Ultimate Solution for Home Security

Keyless Entry Door Lock: The Ultimate Solution for Home Security


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and security go hand in hand. With the advancement of technology, traditional door locks are being replaced by smart locks that offer a wide range of features. One such innovative product is the Keyless Entry Door Lock by HEANTLE. This smart lock not only provides top-notch security but also offers a seamless and convenient user experience.

Advanced Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

The HEANTLE Keyless Entry Door Lock features an advanced semiconductor fingerprint sensor. This sensor has sensitive conductors that can sense your fingerprint at 360 degrees, ensuring accurate recognition within 0.3 seconds. With a recognition rate higher than 98%, this biometric door lock guarantees the safety of your home.

Anti-peep Touch Screen, Smarter and Safer

The Keyless Entry Door Lock comes with an anti-peep touch screen keypad. You can type in any number of random digits, and as long as the correct password is embedded within those digits, you can gain access. This feature ensures that no bystanders can spy on your passcodes, making your home safer than ever.

Works with Smart Speakers

Integrating seamlessly with smart speakers, the Keyless Entry Door Lock allows you to control your front door lock with voice commands. By simply asking your smart speaker to lock or unlock the code door lock, you can enjoy the utmost convenience.

Powerbank Compatible

Even if you miss the low-battery notifications, the Keyless Entry Door Lock has got you covered. You can use a power bank to power it up via a small power slot, allowing you to unlock the front door handle and get inside your home without any hassle.


Save time and ensure the security of your home with the auto-locking feature. The keypad door lock allows you to set the door to lock automatically after a specified time, ranging from 5 to 999 seconds. This feature is especially beneficial for the elderly and children who may forget to lock the door in a rush.

Protecting Your Personal Information

With the Keyless Entry Door Lock, there is no need for your personal information to be collected. The unique user codes feature allows you to set up 4-8 digit passwords for each member of your family, ensuring both convenience and security.

Fingerprint Unlock

Gone are the days of fumbling for keys. The HEANTLE Keyless Entry Door Lock recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks the door in under a second. You can store up to 100 fingerprints in the Nextlock app, making it convenient for frequent guests or providing additional finger options for yourself.

Keypad Door Lock with Handle

The HEANTLE Keyless Entry Door Lock with a handle is the perfect balance of safety and convenience. Its clean design matches any décor, and the easy-to-use cloud management tools make it ideal for property management. Whether it’s apartments, offices, equipment rooms, or restrooms, this smart lock is a versatile solution.

7 in 1 Unlock

The Keyless Entry Door Lock offers multiple unlocking options, including fingerprint, app control, passcode, IC fob, mechanical key, remote control (Wi-Fi hub required), and Alexa voice control (Alexa required). No matter the situation, this smart lock is always ready to protect your home.

Grant Temporary Access

With the Keyless Entry Door Lock, you can grant temporary access to your home. Whether it’s giving your dog walker a temporary access code or assigning up to 200 easy-to-remember passcodes to your family and guests, there will be no more spare keys floating around. You can instantly lock your door with a single touch or set it to automatically lock within a specified time, alleviating the stress of remembering to lock the door.

No Extra Hole Installation & Excellent Customer Service

Installing the Keyless Entry Door Lock is a breeze. It is compatible with standard US wooden doors, and with the provided instructions and video, you can easily install it in just 20 minutes. Additionally, HEANTLE offers 30 days of free return service, 1-year after-sales service, and lifetime technical support, ensuring a worry-free experience for customers.


The Keyless Entry Door Lock by HEANTLE is a game-changer in home security. With its advanced features, such as the semiconductor fingerprint sensor, anti-peep touch screen keypad, and compatibility with smart speakers, this smart lock provides convenience and peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for a secure solution for your home or a versatile option for property management, the Keyless Entry Door Lock is the ultimate choice.