LIAMST Baby Playpen – A Safe and Fun Play Area for Babies

LIAMST Baby Playpen – A Safe and Fun Play Area for Babies

LIAMST Baby Playpen – A Safe and Fun Play Area for Babies

LIAMST Baby Playpen – A Safe and Fun Play Area for Babies

Spacious enough play area!

Our LIAMST playpen measures 51x51x27 inches outside and 50x50x27 inches inside, providing ample space for your baby to play, explore, and have fun. It is also large enough to be used as a ball pit for toddlers. The fence height of approximately 27 inches allows your baby to stand and walk comfortably, while the 50×50 inches play area gives them plenty of room to move around.

Let the baby play and have fun

For kids, playtime is all about having fun! However, as a parent, you may have various tasks to attend to throughout the day, making it challenging to constantly supervise your baby. Luckily, LIAMST’s portable playpen can transform any space into a safe play area, allowing you to free up your hands and take care of other responsibilities. Please note that the ocean ball shown in the images is not included with the product.

LIAMST 360掳 Observe your baby for all-round care

The LIAMST playpen is designed with a scientifically perfect height and ventilated mesh, providing a 360掳 viewing angle. Whether your baby is sitting, lying, or standing inside the playpen, they can see you from multiple sides through the mesh walls. This creates a sense of security for your baby and reassurance for you as a parent. The burr-free mesh wall ensures the safety of your baby’s hands and prevents climbing and pinching. Additionally, the playpen comes with 2 pull tabs to assist your baby in learning to walk.

Give your baby a game world to explore and play!

Whether you are at home or in the yard, LIAMST playpen provides a safe and enjoyable playtime experience for your little one. The abrasion-resistant oxford material is easy to clean – simply hand wash and wipe with a damp cloth and soap to keep it fresh and hygienic. Let your baby explore and play in a secure environment with the LIAMST Baby Playpen.

Easy installation

Setting up the LIAMST playpen is a breeze. It is connected by alloy steel pipes and plastic joints, allowing for easy disassembly and assembly. No tools are required, and you can remove it in seconds. The bottom of the playpen is made of waterproof fabric, making it easy to clean. Please refer to the installation instructions for detailed guidance. Please note that a seat cushion is not included with the playpen, but you can purchase a game mat separately for added comfort.