Product Description – RIGHTWELL Baby Safety Harnesses

Product Description – RIGHTWELL Baby Safety Harnesses

Product Description – RIGHTWELL Baby Safety Harnesses

RIGHTWELL Baby Safety Harnesses

Ensure the safety of your child with the 4 in 1 Baby Walking Wristband with Backpack from RIGHTWELL. This innovative product is designed to keep your little one safe and secure while walking and traveling outside.


360掳Rotate Anti Lost Wrist Link Belt

The wrist link belt allows your child to explore their surroundings while keeping them close to you. The 360掳 rotation feature ensures that your child can move freely without feeling restricted.


The included backpack provides storage space for your child’s essentials, such as snacks, toys, and extra clothing. It is lightweight and comfortable for your child to wear.

Baby Reins Walking Harness

The walking harness is adjustable and fits securely around your child’s chest. It provides additional support and stability, making it easier for your child to walk independently.

4 in 1 Design

This product combines the functionality of a wristband, backpack, wrist link belt, and walking harness. It offers convenience and versatility for parents and caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wrist link belt adjustable?

Yes, the wrist link belt is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for both you and your child.

Can the backpack be detached?

Yes, the backpack can be easily detached from the wristband, allowing your child to wear it separately.

Is the walking harness suitable for all ages?

The walking harness is designed for kids who are learning to walk and up to a certain age. Please refer to the product specifications for more information.


The RIGHTWELL Baby Safety Harnesses provide peace of mind for parents and caregivers. With its 4 in 1 design, adjustable wrist link belt, and comfortable backpack, this product ensures the safety and security of your child while walking and traveling outside. Invest in this innovative and practical solution to keep your child safe and happy.