Seckton Toys for 5-10 Year Old Boys Amphibious RC Car for Kids

Seckton Toys for 5-10 Year Old Boys Amphibious RC Car for Kids

Seckton Toys for 5-10 Year Old Boys Amphibious RC Car for Kids

Seckton Toys for 5-10 Year Old Boys Amphibious RC Car for Kids


Looking for an exciting and durable toy for your 5-10 year old boys? Check out the Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car! This waterproof remote control monster truck is perfect for all-terrain adventures. With its ability to drive on both land and water, it offers endless fun and excitement for kids.

Main Features

Amphibious & Complicated Stunt Action

Experience the thrill of front and back flips, as well as 360-degree spins on both water and ground. The Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car is designed to perform amazing stunts, providing hours of entertainment for kids.

Powerful Built-in Motor

Equipped with a powerful built-in engine, this RC car can reach a maximum speed of 12KM/H (7.5MPH) in no time. The speed and acceleration will give kids a feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush as they navigate through different terrains.

Adjustable Speed & Rechargeable Battery

The 2.4GHz remote control allows for sensitive control of the car’s speed. Kids can easily adjust the speed to match their skill level and preferences. The car comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB line, providing convenience for charging anytime, anywhere.

High Quality Materials

The Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car is made with high-quality ABS aviation plastic, making it durable and waterproof. It can withstand rough play and is resistant to wear and vibration. The high-grade rubber tires ensure excellent traction and prevent the car from breaking or falling off.

Best Gift for Kids

Whether it’s a trip to the lake, beach, or grassland, this RC car can shuttle freely in all terrains. It’s a great toy for kids to play with their parents or friends, fostering bonding and creating lasting memories. Surprise your 5-10 year old boys with this exciting and versatile toy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the remote control waterproof?

No, the remote control is not waterproof. It should be kept away from water to prevent damage.

Can the car be used in saltwater?

While the car is waterproof, it is recommended to avoid using it in saltwater as it may cause corrosion over time. Freshwater environments like lakes and pools are ideal for maximum longevity.

What is the range of the remote control?

The remote control has a range of approximately 50 meters (164 feet), allowing kids to control the car from a distance.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can last for about 15-20 minutes of continuous playtime. It can be easily recharged using the included USB line.

Is the car suitable for girls as well?

Absolutely! The Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car is a versatile toy that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Its vibrant colors and exciting features make it a great gift for kids of all genders.

Get the Seckton Toys Amphibious RC Car today and let your kids embark on thrilling adventures both on land and water!