Wahl Father’s Day Gift – Massage Gun

Wahl Father’s Day Gift – Massage Gun

Wahl Father’s Day Gift – Massage Gun

Wahl Father’s Day Gift – Massage Gun


The Wahl Mini Massage Gun is a convenient sized, cordless massager that can be used anytime, anywhere. This powerful massager offers on-the-go massage with complete freedom of movement. The attachments can be used to target specific problem areas such as your scalp, neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, hands and feet.

Main Features

  • 4 unique attachments for customized massage
  • Round Head – Ideal for large muscle groups
  • Bullet Head – Used for joints, deep tissue and trigger point
  • Flat Head – Perfect for use on any part of your body
  • Spinal Head – For the spine and neck
  • Easy attachment head removal and change
  • Deep percussion therapy for stress and tension relief
  • 6-speed setting for adjustable intensity
  • Up to 200 minutes cordless run time
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Convenient USB charging cable
  • Comes with a soft storage case

Multi-Use Muscle Massager

This handheld muscle massager comes with 4 unique attachments that include a Round Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head, and Spinal Head. These attachments are designed to be used on all muscles and body parts, providing comfort and relaxation anytime and anywhere. You can reach everyday tensions and apply the massager to every muscle group, catering to the varied massage needs of different body parts.

Cordless with LCD Touch Screen

The Wahl Mini Massage Gun offers up to 200 minutes of cordless run time from a single charge, providing complete freedom of movement to target aching muscles all over the body and relieve body fatigue. The addition of an easy-to-use LCD control screen allows you to accurately display the remaining battery power and adjust the speed to your desired massage intensity.

Lightweight and Powerful

Despite its slim and compact design, the mini massage gun is powerful with 6 adjustable speeds that are clearly displayed on the LCD screen. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for travel, ensuring that you can enjoy a powerful massage wherever you go.

Quiet Motor with Impact Strength

This deep tissue percussion massager features a low noise design at 60db, enabling you to experience a quiet and relaxing muscle treatment. With up to 2,800 pulses per minute and 6mm amplitude, you can enjoy a deep muscle percussion massage that effectively targets stress and tension.

Use On-The-Go

This portable muscle massager has been designed with a convenient USB charging cable, making it ideal for use on-the-go, at home, at the gym, or anywhere else. The full kit is packed neatly in a soft storage case, allowing for tidy storage at home or easy packing for use on-the-go. It is perfect for use at home, the gym, or anywhere you need a quick and effective massage.